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Cory St. Denis, D.C. is a Brain Based Wellness Chiropractor| Co-Founder & Website Project Coordinator: The DCTree|Productivity Hacker & entrepreneur| Defeating ADHD and chasing his dreams has allowed him to help families and professionals with the stuff that matters most. He is passionate about bridging the gap between local Maine people and extraordinary Health.

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“That’s the coolest formula ever — it’s very reassuring!”

The DCTree is so organized and structured. We operate like a well oiled machine and the project is only in its youth — and it’s all thanks to our open minds and incredable team.  This type of networking has existed forever, but is only now starting to surface with the newest generation’s technology.  The implications are overwhelming and exciting, or at least they should be if you’re going to be a chiropractor and own a small business!

All we did was make a couple of changes to the technology available today, and we’ve made major shifts in understanding the chiropractic profession and it’s constructs.  From complex neurological protocols to whole brain balance, everything is becoming a functional model…everything is progressing further.

We identify parts of a system that need to be tweaked.  The changes we make can cause radical shifts down the road.  Stop using your processing resources to over-think the things that happened before your time, or the things you’ve left behind you.  You have to embrace what’s going on in FRONT of you to make your dreams come true.

If you try to be less, and do less, that’s not progression.  It’s about being more creative and more interactive. You have to ENGAGE in your lifework, for it to amount to anything more than a job.

Today’s DC students are not fearing change, they’re expecting change.  They are actually demanding change.

It’s pretty cool.

What Can The DCTree Do For You?

Our mission is simple.  To update the paradigm of modern Chiropractic by empowering all who are involved with us to take up-to-date information and use it to expand their impact, thus expanding the impact of Chiropractic and Chiropractors globally.  The main focus of this project is to effectively share and promote the rapidly expanding movement of Neurologically Based Chiropractic by creating a network of knowledge and access that has never been available before.  This is a collaborative effort that includes networks from around the world made up of practicing Doctors of Chiropractic, DC students, and carefully chosen visionary leaders in the Chiropractic profession.

The goal is for this platform to become the cornerstone for up-to-date discussion topics relevant to current and future Chiropractors alike.

Our intent is to explore:

  • Neurologically Based Chiropractic (NBC)
  • Personal and Practice growth and Prosperity
  • Technology and Neuroscience Implementation
  • Adjusting Mastery and Case Management

Leaders in the Chiropractic profession are jumping on board with the DCTree to continue elevating the profession to new heights.  This project will supply social and professional connections through focused networking opportunities.  Check back often for updates and please start sharing and contributing to the largest network of forward-thinking D.C.’s on the PLANET.

Technology. Application. Planning.

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