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A chiropractor working for Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Tedd Koren, DC

The August 19, 2013 issue of Chiropractic Economics had a disturbing article by Jeffrey Sklar, DC entitled “Sleep disrupted by ostomy complicated by cervical radiculopathy.”  Why is this dull sounding article disturbing?

Dr. Sklar woks at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  In fact he’s the “director of chiropractic services.”

Wow, I guess that means he helps patients work with MDs addressing cancer from a holistic perspective, dealing with issues such as toxicity, homeopathy, herbs, emotional release, chiropractic subluxation correction (for everyone all the time of course) and working to give patients a true alternative to poison, cut and burn – chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

Bad guess.

The patient was treated for colon cancer that had metastasized.  The patient had parts of his liver removed,an omentectomy (a bizarre surgical procedure wherein tissue surrounding an organ is removed), and gall bladder removal.  But he received no chiropractic care – that is until he complained of neck pain.

Dr. Sklar writes: “The patient found that sitting for several hours to receive chemotherapy had become painful.”

Well. Now we’ll call in the chiropractor.  That’s all they are really good for anyway, getting rid of pain right?

Dr. Sklar apparently did a good job.  His “joint mobilization” relieved the patient’s pain so that now he was able to sleep the night and even more importantly sit comfortably through his chemotherapy.

It’s hard to read this paper without getting ill.  Is this the best that over one hundred years of chiropractic can offer people with cancer – we’ll help your “quality of life” so you can endure chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is torture to most patients.  Its effectiveness is practically zero and the cost can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.  As Charlotte Gerson said when commenting on chemo:  “You can’t heal with poison.”

Chiropractors should know this. But how do we address can?

Not by working at Cancer Centers of America.  All you will be is a peon working under the medical model.   They are in charge, throwing you the scraps.

Shouldn’t every cancer patient be checked for subluxations?

I am not against Dr. Sklar’s adjusting patients in need.  Of course people with cancer and with any condition or with no medically diagnosed condition should get their body checked for subluxations.

But must we sell out chiropractic in the process?

This post was written by Tedd Koren, DC

Tedd Koren, D.C. is the developer of Koren Specific Technique. For information, go to www.korenspecifictechnique.com. Dr. Koren also writes patient education materials for Koren Publications. Go to www.korenpublications.com

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