Purposeful Connections: Just A Trip To Mexico?

Wouldn’t it be nice if a group of practicing chiropractors got together in your area, organized group meetings to share practice building experiences, host local EPOC meetings, and created a community that boasts mountains of valuable content?

The Legion of Chiropractic has already got you covered.   Our profession is teeming with fantastic grass-roots entrepreneurs, groups and organizations, gadgets and gizmos, leaders, followers, and even naysayers.  Because there are events like Purposeful Connections in Cancun, Mexico, that meet together once a year for a transformational series of lectures by guest speakers from all over, chiropractors are able to bring it all home and get back to practicing chiropractic with youthful enthusiasm.

I was lucky enough to attend Purposeful Connections this year with my business partner and mentor, Dr. Patrick Keiran.  With both of us on the speaking circuit sharing our expertise and experience in Neurologically Based Chiropractic and the DCTree, we had an amazing time engaging in discussions on philosophy, technology, practice improvement, team building, and a  host of  “sunset on the beach” meetings to recap on each days activities.  There was tons of laughter, networking, growth, and even some tears.  Two people actually got engaged at the final sunset growth session, which was really cool!

I may be a recent graduate, but I am an experienced relationship builder and I would recommend that people log on to the Legion of Chiropractic website, see what this engaged group is doing, and participate.


What’s stopping you from growing?

This post was written by Dr. Cory St. Denis

Cory St. Denis, D.C. is a Brain Based Wellness Chiropractor| Co-Founder & Website Project Coordinator: The DCTree|Productivity Hacker & entrepreneur| Defeating ADHD and chasing his dreams has allowed him to help families and professionals with the stuff that matters most. He is passionate about bridging the gap between local Maine people and extraordinary Health.

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